Une randonnée pédestre en famille?  8 parcs à découvrir au Québec cet automne.

A family hike? 8 parks to discover in Quebec this fall.

(updated September 21, 2023) Discover our suggestions for activities and hiking trails to do this fall with the family. Also take advantage of our advice to make your hike memorable. 

A family hike? 
8 parks to discover in Quebec this fall. 

Autumn is here, and the weather is getting cooler. No more swimming in the pool and in bodies of water. What to do with children? Why not take advantage of these beautiful sunny days to introduce them to nature. The landscape is simply magnificent with the changing colors of the trees and the fresh air is a treat for the body and mind. Take your children hiking will give them exercise and will teach them to know their environment while having fun. 

Here are some tips to make the experience unforgettable.

Adapt the itinerary according to their age

It is obvious that uneven terrain, steep slopes and long distances are not suitable for toddlers. Choose marked and secure places. Try to avoid steep slopes. The ideal distance would be 1 to 2 km for young children 3-4 years old and 3 to 5 km for 5-6 year olds.
If you want to go further with them, don't forget the baby carrier!

Well equipped

Like us, children need good hiking shoes and clothing suited to the weather. In addition, who says child says bag to bring! Of course you will need to remember to have several essential items on hand when hiking with children.
  • Hat or cap
  • Solar cream
  • Mosquito repellent adapted to their age
  • Trail map
  • Cell phone and/or camera
  • Lots of easy-to-eat, energizing snacks
  • Water (minimum 1 liter per person)
  • First aid kit
  • Waste bag
  • Cleaning wipes for hands and small beaks
  • Change of clothes (we know an accident can happen at any time)

    Avoid making them carry a backpack. The less weight they have, the better. If your child is adamant about it, make sure their bag fits them well and only take the bare essentials, like a snack and their bottle of water.

    View hiking backpacks

    Explore and enjoy

    With children, it is very important to let them do things at their own pace. Let them enjoy the present moment! They will thus be able to discover nature; trees, flowers, landscapes, animals. Climb a big rock, play in the stream, pick flowers, etc. Children love exploring new places and discovering nature.

    You can also play little games while hiking like finding the most birds or looking for pine cones. Make the walk fun and enjoyable, having a goal is also a great idea. A picnic on top of a hill, a walk by a lake, etc. You will make the outing fun and enjoyable. It is essential that children enjoy it if you want to repeat the experience.

    8 parks to discover in Quebec for beautiful family hikes

    Aiguebelle National Park - Abitibi-Témiscamingue

    Volcanic cushions, giant potholes, 22-metre-high footbridge: Aiguebelle National Park is definitely worth discovering for families! You will witness impressive geological phenomena of the past, which will not fail to satisfy the curiosity of children (and adults). If you're lucky, you might cross paths with a beaver, a mink, a heron or even a moose, as a wide variety of wildlife is present in this location. This park gives you access to 30 kilometers of trails, which is perfect for short fall hikes with the family. 

    Parc national d'Aiguebelle - pour le plaisir de bouger en famille à l'automne avec GoSport

    Grands-Jardins National Park - Charlevoix

    The reputation of the Grands-Jardins national park is well established. By visiting this enchanting place, you can discover a multitude of different landscapes. These are even more magical in autumn! The network of trails of more than 30 kilometers offers several easy or intermediate paths, perfectly suited for families. 

    Parc national des Grands Jardins - pour le plaisir de bouger en famille à l'automne avec GoSport

    Montagne du Diable Regional Park - Laurentides

    This regional park gives you access to no less than 80 kilometers of hiking, including several trails suitable for families. Between its tranquil lakes and its colorful forest, your children will be able to marvel at the beauties of nature. An ideal place for fall hikes with the family in the Laurentides region. 

    Parc régional Montagne du Diable- pour le plaisir de bouger en famille à l'automne avec GoSport

    Grandes-Rivières Regional Park - Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean


    Located in La Doré, in Lac-Saint-Jean, this place is distinguished by its tranquility. It is therefore perfect to explore with young children and will allow you to discover another corner of the vast Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region. In total, you can discover 60 kilometers of trails which are divided into 10 different sectors. 

    Parc régional des Grandes-Rivières - Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean -pour le plaisir de bouger en famille à l'automne avec GoSport


    Mingan Archipelago National Park - North Shore

    This national park is renowned for its impressive beauty and originality. Its numerous islands and rock formations are breathtaking, particularly during the fall season. Indeed, turquoise waters are particularly pretty when surrounded by fall colors. For hiking, several easy or intermediate trails are offered. Something to make everyone happy! 

    Parc national de l'Archipel-de-Mingan - Côte-Nord - pour le plaisir de bouger avec GoSport


    Appalaches Park - Chaudière-Appalaches

    With its trails suitable for families and young children, Appalachian Park is the perfect place for fall hiking. Between its lakes, rivers and mountains are 140 kilometers of trails. Impressive, isn't it? This is a great way to amaze your little ones.

    Parc régional des Appalaches pour le plaisir de bouger en famille avec GoSport

    Bic National Park - Bas-Saint-Laurent

    Calm and relaxing: these are two words that well describe the atmosphere of this park loved by those who frequent it. At this point, the smell of the river mixes with the freshness of the wind, which creates a unique atmosphere throughout the 25 kilometers of developed trails. Open all year round, this park is certainly very charming when combined with the fall hues.

    Parc national du BIC -- découvrir avec GoSport pour le plaisir en famille

    Îles-de-Boucherville National Park - Montérégie

    Located near Montreal, this park is the perfect compromise between the outdoors and the city. It also has an unusual aspect: its surface area extends over five islands! Rest assured, it remains easily accessible and delights families thanks to the 21 kilometers of multifunctional trails it offers.

    Parc national des Iles de Boucherville -- découvrir avec GoSport pour le plaisir en famille