Une randonnée pédestre en famille?  8 parcs à découvrir au Québec cet automne.

A family hike? 8 parks to discover in Quebec this fall.

Discover our suggestions for activities and hiking trails to do this fall with the family. Also take advantage of our advice to make your hike memorable. 

A family hike? 
8 parks to discover in Quebec this fall. 

Autumn is here, and the weather is getting colder. No more swimming in the pool and in the bodies of water. What to do with the children? Why not take advantage of these beautiful sunny days to introduce them to nature. The scenery is simply stunning with the changing colors of the trees and the fresh air is a treat for body and soul. Take your children on a hike make them exercise and will teach them to know their environment while having fun. 
Here are some tips to make the experience unforgettable.

Adapt the itinerary according to their age

It is obvious that rough terrain, steep gradients and long distances are not suitable for toddlers. Choose marked and secure places. Try to avoid steep slopes. The ideal distance would be 1 to 2 km for young children 3-4 years old and 3 to 5 km for 5-6 year olds.
If you want to go more distance with them, don't forget the baby carrier!

Well equipped

Like us, children need good hiking shoes and weather-appropriate clothing. Moreover, who says child says bag to bring! Of course, you will need to remember to have several essential items on hand when hiking with children.
  • Hat or cap

  • Solar cream

  • Mosquito repellent adapted to their age

  • Trail map

  • Cell phone and/or camera

  • Lots of easy-to-eat, energizing snacks

  • Water (minimum 1 liter per person)

  • First aid kit

  • Garbage bag

  • Cleaning wipes for hands and small beaks

  • A change of clothes (we know accidents can happen at any time)

Avoid having them carry a backpack. The less weight they have, the better. If your child is a fan of it, make sure their bag fits them well and only take the bare necessities, such as a snack and a bottle of water.

See hiking backpacks

Explore and Enjoy

With children, it is very important to let them do things at their own pace. Let them enjoy the moment! They will thus be able to discover nature; trees, flowers, landscapes, animals. Climb a large rock, play in the stream, pick flowers, etc. Children love to explore new places and experience nature. You can also do little games while hiking like finding the most birds or looking for pine cones. Make the walk fun and enjoyable, having a purpose is also a great idea. A picnic on a hilltop, a walk by a lake, etc. You will make the outing fun and enjoyable. It is essential that the children see it as fun if you want to repeat the experience.

8 parks to discover for great family hikes

Coaticook Gorge Park in the Eastern Townships

This park offers 19 km of magnificent marked trails and several different routes. The Gorge Trail will take you across the longest suspension bridge in North America. In addition, Margaret's Farmhouse will certainly please your little ones!

Mont-Tremblant National Park in the Laurentians

With more than 82 km of trails, Mont-Tremblant National Park is a gem for hiking enthusiasts. Fall is probably the ideal season to take advantage of these trails since you will witness a colorful spectacle. The Lac-aux-Atocas and Chutes-Croches trails in the La Diable sector and the Chute-aux-Rats trail in the La Pimbina sector are suitable for young children.

Mauricie National Park

With its hundreds of kilometers of magnificent hiking trails, viewpoints and lakes, this national park will enchant you. There are many beautiful trails that are well suited for all ages. Challenges are also offered along the course to make it even more enjoyable!

Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivières-Malbaie National Park in Charlevoix

Despite the fact that this park takes its name from the deep valleys cut into the mountains, it has several trails for the family. You will be able to discover breathtaking landscapes!

Grandes-Coulées Regional Park in Centre-du-Québec

This park includes 2 sectors, the Old Forest and the Great Bog. A total of 13 km of trails. The trails in the forest run along the black river and have little elevation. You can also take advantage of the obstacle course and the GPS rally.

Portneuf Regional Nature Park in the Capitale-Nationale

With a territory of 73 km2, you will certainly find the sector that suits you. These breathtaking views, its wooden sidewalks, its lakes and its obstacle course for children will make your day memorable.

Monte-à-peine-et-des-dalles waterfalls park in Lanaudière

Along these paths, 6 belvederes await you to admire the landscape. Superb waterfalls and small bridges will certainly amuse the children.

Pointes-aux-roches hiking trails in Abitibi-Témiscamingue

With more than 10 km of hiking trails, you can admire the view of Lac des Quinze and the Ottawa River. It also offers the FA MI LA music trail and music stations for a great family activity. Many pleasures in perspective!

This fall, we enjoy nature with the children.  Happy hiking everyone!

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