Du « self-care » sportif

About self-care

Did you know that there is an International Day of « self-care » (or day to take care of yourself). Scheduled for July 24 each year, the purpose of this day is to promote actions to pamper one's physical and mental health. As part of this event, some members of the Go Sport team share their tips for taking care of themselves through the practice of physical activity.

By: Laurence Desbiens

Catherine Jacques – sports equipment buyer
Like many of us, Catherine started doing paddleboard this summer and she loves it. She likes the relaxing side and it works muscles she did not even know.

Otherwise, she enjoys playing sports with her children. In the summer, they bathe, and they ride bicycles. The goal is to play sports while having a good time with the family.

Jamie Lee Bolduc – Purchasing/ Website/ Social Media
For Jamie, things have to move! She needs to do a sport that allows her to surpass herself both physically and mentally. 

For this summer, rugby occupies most of his free time. She has two two-hour practices a week plus an 80-minute game on weekends. 

« The important thing is to take a break from our work schedule, and for me, sport is the best way to take care of myself. » she explains.

Sophie Maillé – Graphic designer
Sophie prefers activities soothing which give him the opportunity to enjoy nature and landscapes.

« I like the relaxing and quiet side of the paddleboard. There is a very soothing side to walking on the water while observing nature. »

In addition, hiking is one of her favorite sports activities because she likes to be in the forest with only the sound of birds. In addition, she feels great satisfaction when she reaches the top of a mountain and can enjoy the view.

Laurence Desbiens – Social Media Manager
Being limited in her physical abilities, Laurence likes sports that she can do at her own pace.

« In the summer, I like to go for a walk. Whether in nature or in the city with good music in my ears. It helps me refocus. I take the opportunity to visit places that I know less about my neighborhood. »

In winter, she prefers snowshoeing in the forest. She likes to find herself through the trees and she can vary between snowshoeing a trail full of snow and a typed path to rest her legs. 

Manon Rivard – Director of Communications and Marketing Assistant
Recently, Manon has swapped her reading before bedtime for yoga. 
She installs the rug at the foot of her bed, lights a candle and puts on some relaxing music.

She alternates poses according to her energy level and she sometimes picks up new postures to integrate into her routine while respecting her level. She also has a massage ball for when she is more tired.
« Now I absolutely need to do yoga before going to bed because it relaxes me and makes me feel good. »

She even ordered a second mat for the desk to incorporate a little yoga routine into work.

Bulk stuff
  • Take an evening walk in the neighborhood;
  • Practicing a sport that allows you to find yourself with your headphones playing music, a podcast or even an audio book that you enjoy;
  • Choose a sport to let off steam on those big stressful days.