Défi Leucan relevé: 4179 $ remis aux enfants malades

Leucan challenge met: $4,179 donated to sick children

Press release

Leucan challenge met: $4,179 donated to sick children

Saguenay, June 9, 2022 – The Go Sport team, which rode nearly 60 km on June 2, took up its sporting challenge and donated a total of $4,179 to Leucan for sick children and their families. 

As part of part B (participatory) of the 13th edition of the Leucan Ultramarathon, which was held on June 2 and 3, the brave ones undertook to personalize their mission by adding the Go Sport color, that is to say driving from the Jonquière store to the La Baie store. 

“When we get involved in causes like this, our work takes on its full meaning. », explained Claudie Laroche, director of marketing when knowing the amount collected by his 7 other teammates. 

On the starting line, at the Go Sport Jonquière store

Funny little facts
The convoy was followed by the owner of the Jonquière store, Frank Cloutier as well as his road partner Kevin Langlois immortalizing the cyclists in photo and video. Fortunately, the team did not encounter any pitfalls during the course but nevertheless had plenty of funny events. 

The Go Sport convoy, somewhere between Jonquière and La Baie. 

For example, Donald Robitaille, supervisor of several Go Sport stores, made the decision to quit smoking. François Viel, who oversees the optimization of the website, set a new speed record: 73 km/h, while Claudie Laroche broke the record for someone who closely follows other people's wheels to steal their aspiration! Kim Poirier, project manager for the new digital mandates of the Côté-Reco group, which includes the Go Sport stores, stopped being at the front of the pack because she was going too fast... Accompanied by her darling, the man businessman Simon Pierre Murdock, she couldn't believe he even took a few calls during the drive. Sophie Maillé, graphic designer who is behind the Go Sport newsletters, publications and flyers has broken her kilometer record. Her spouse, Denis Langevin had to improvise the group's mechanic and saved Claudie's life, who was about to lose a wheel. Thanks Dennis. Finally, there was behind the group, the benevolent team mom France Marchand. The wife of our late General Manager Michel Côté, who died last February, made sure to announce if a car was coming or sometimes gave some advice to prevent cyclists from getting tired too quickly.

We would like to salute their courage and their commitment to the cause!

The group accompanied by Jacques Tremblay, Major Gifts & Partnership Director for Northern Quebec, came to encourage them halfway through. 

A record amount for Leucan
The Leucan ultramarathon, which took a break during the two pandemic years, set a new donation record by raising more than $340,000 for its 13th edition. The Go Sport team is therefore very proud to have contributed in its own way to the cause. Could this be the start of a traditional annual? To be continued!

Mission accomplished! They arrived at the Go Sport store in La Baie after more than 3 hours of driving. 

To see the full video of their journey, go to here

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