113 748,36 $ remis à Leucan par les magasins Go Sport en trois ans

$113,748.36 donated to Leucan by Go Sport stores in three years

November 9, 2023 marked the end of a three-year chapter of adventures with the great Leucan family. In Deschaillons-sur-Saint-Laurent, where the head office of the sister banners Go Sport and Chaussures Pop is located, the MD Leucan Shaved Head Challenge event, presented by Proxim, took place, as well as the presentation of the campaign check.
This is the considerable sum of 24 248,36
 $ which was collected during the month of October, and then given to the Leucan association.

La somme de 24 248.36$ a été remis à Leucan en 2023

The end of the campaign: between magic and solidarity!

Thanks to the generosity and constant support of our loyal customers of Chaussures Pop and Go Sport stores, who seized every opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to children affected by pediatric cancer, we succeeded in achieving our goal of giving more of $110,000 in three years at Leucan“We would also like to express our deep gratitudetitude towards our teams for their dedication and mobilization throughout this campaign and these last three years. Their work was at the heart of this success. This is proof that we can have a positive impact when we come together for a noble cause. », expressed André Côté, the general director.

It was in the company of dozens of head office employees, franchisees of the Go sport and Chaussures Pop stores, a Leucan presenter and the representative of the Skechers company, an important partner of the campaign, that the important check was revealed on which appeared the sum of 24 248,36 $. A moment that is always feverish and magical!


In three years, this is the significant sum of 113 748,36 $ which was collected and given to children affected by cancer and their families.

Skechers: the strength of a union

Remember that for this latest campaign, which took place during the month of October 2023, a major partnership with the Skechers company helped to raise donations for Leucan. In fact, one dollar per Skechers product sold, shoe or clothing, went directly into the kitty. This was in addition to the fact that the Employees of the Chaussures Pop and Go sport stores offered customers the opportunity to purchase a Cocci-don for $2, which went to benefit Leucan. “It’s always a pleasure to support the Chaussures Pop and Go Sport merchants during the Leucan campaign. For three years, we have been proof that by teaming up, we go further.”, explained Stephan Frisko, Skechers representative in Quebec.

The shaved head challenge

As part of the event, there was also a shaved head challenge. This was a third consecutive year for the employees of the Chaussures Pop et Go Sport head office. In the first year, only one candidate raised her hand to experience a metamorphosis. The following year, it was three people, then for 2023, we were talking about four courageous people. Each time, the number of interested people increases. In total, 8 people agreed to live the experience. Let us salute the audacity of the four most recent ones, Michelle, Donald, René and Francis, who were paired with as many hairdressers for a day (Stéphanie - owner of the Chaussures Pop store in Plessiville! -, Sophie, Gabrielle and Jonathan).

“A spark was lit last year when I saw colleagues being shaved during our second Leucan year. When we received the invitation, I immediately accepted without hesitation. I knew it was time for me to show kindness. », explains Michelle Beaudoin, website manager. It must be said that she knows the Soumis well, namely Céline, Patrick, two of her colleagues, who are parents of Mégane. They were a Leucan family while their daughter faced illness during adolescence. It is also because of their sharing that we received the call to form an association with the Chaussures Pop and Go Sport stores in order to raise funds for children with cancer and their families. 

In addition to submitting her application, Michelle also submitted that of her darling, René, so that they could experience the adventure together. “It’s such a great experience! I feel proud to contribute to this cause”, she told us, nevertheless nervous a few hours from touching her shaved head.

Get involved and give back

Everywhere in the regions of Quebec, there is a local Chaussures Pop or Go Sport merchant. Already, the local implications of each were important and varied. For three years, their philanthropic actions have been supplemented by support for Leucan, also Opération Enfant Soleil through the ticket sales campaign for the Maison Enfant Soleil by Bonneville and finally support for the most recent back-to-school campaign. from the Maman Dion Foundation. If we add up the funds raised over the last three years for these causes, it’s a total of  424 614,36 $ which was collected and then redistributed to Quebec children. “Children represent our greatest collective wealth. For us, there is nothing more important than being there for them, guiding them if they encounter challenges, then helping them to continue to dream big.", concludes Manon Rivard, communications director for the Chaussures Pop and Go Sport stores.