Bien choisir vos vêtements chauffants : nos conseils

Choosing the right heated clothing: our advice


To choose the right heated garment for you, consider what you will be using it for. What outdoor activities do you do in winter? Next, determine which parts of the body need to be warmed up. Clothing does not all have the same heating zones, some models include the shoulders or the neck, for example.

What types of heated clothing are available?

Staying warm from head to toe is possible. There is a multitude of clothing and accessories to face the bad weather.

Heated Jacket

There are two types of jackets: with or without sleeves. For long days outdoors, a long-sleeved jacket is ideal. The sleeveless version, on the other hand, is perfect for shorter outings, walks in the forest and between the seasons. If you are skiers, choose a light, windproof model that does not hinder movement.

Warm up your hands

To maintain its body heat, the body greatly reduces the supply of blood flow to its extremities. Your hands and fingers therefore deserve special attention against the cold.

Heated gloves and mittens

The best solution to keep your hands warm and avoid the problems of cold hands, numbness and frostbite. Prefer a breathable and waterproof model with three levels of heat.

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Hand warmer accessories

Much less ecological and durable, reusable hand warmers also have the disadvantage of keeping you warm for a maximum of 60 minutes. In comparison, some heated gloves and mitts have a battery life of up to 6 hours.

Heated socks

The feet suffer, just like the hands, a great loss of heat on exposure to the cold. To keep them warm, comfortable and to avoid circulation problems in the toes, nothing has been found better than heated wool socks. We are ready to bet that you will not be able to do without it. Tips: for the more cautious, they are perfect for teleworking or a reading session.

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veste-chauffante-sportchief-femmeHow do heated clothes work?

Heated garments are powered by a rechargeable battery that provides energy to power heated panels or wires. Yarns are generally used for small parts like gloves, mittens and stockings. Panels, on the other hand, are mainly used in jackets and blousons. They are most often placed on the back and chest. A button or a remote control allows you to start and adjust the desired level of heat.

What are the best heated clothing brands?

It is difficult to make a choice among all the heating products available on the market.

Quebec and Canadian heated clothing

Brands such as Chlorophylle, Ewool or Conforteck design their products locally. At Go Sports, we have selected the clothing of the Canadian brand Sportchief for their unbeatable value for money.

Sportchief Heated Clothing

Who are heated clothes for?

Heated clothing is suitable for everyone and for all winter activities. If you particularly like hiking, skiing or working outdoors, they are especially recommended.

Hikers and skiers

When you fight the cold, your muscles and joints are stiffer. This results in a drop in performance and the risk of injury is greater. Heated clothing is therefore ideal for you. They have the advantage of allowing you great freedom of movement because heated coats are light and thin.

Playing a sport produces body heat, as long as you are active. During quieter times, such as breaks or ski lifts, your body cools down and you shiver, unless you are wearing a heated jacket.

People working outdoors in winter

If you work outside, you have to deal with bad weather and temperature variations. Investing in heated clothing is truly a purchase you won't regret. Gloves will allow you to handle your tools safely and with dexterity. While a coat helps your muscles and joints stay relaxed. When you are cold, you tend to tense up and back and neck pain are not uncommon.


How to maintain your heated clothes?

It is not complicated to take care of your heated clothing. Their maintenance is very similar to that of technical clothing.

Remove the battery

Even though more and more power banks are waterproof, please remove the battery before washing. It may still be damaged in the wash and damage your washer. Remember to put the connection cable back in place in its pocket and close the zipper.

Machine wash

The heating system is tricky. Wash your garment in cold water with a mild detergent and choose a program for delicate laundry (hand wash, wool). Absolutely avoid the use of bleach.

No dry cleaning

Like Dri Fit technical garments, heated garments cannot be dry cleaned.

Lay out to dry

The ideal is to dry it on a drying rack or flat on a towel (turn over from time to time for even drying). Finally, do not iron your heated garment.

Take it to the next level with heated clothing!

Using heated clothing means taking advantage of a technological innovation that will change your winters. Once you have passed the course, one thing is certain, you will not be able to do without it.

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