12 idées d’activités pour faire bouger les enfants pendant la relâche

12 activity ideas to get kids moving during spring break

We all, as parents, want the kids' spring break to be the most fun, totally memorable and completely magical. To inspire you to organize this week off with the kids, here are 12 activity ideas, all simple, indoors and outdoors to discover. A complete program that will please the whole family!

1. A winter picnic

Whether in the middle of a snowshoe excursion or at the back of the house, there is no equal to a picnic in the middle of winter when the weather is mild. Want the whole thing? We prepare sandwiches, nuts and raw vegetables, then we cook pancakes or cookies and hot chocolate. Do we have less energy? Reheat the leftovers from the fridge and slip into thermoses to enjoy the meals outside. A must which they will remember for a long time? Light a fire outside to cook hot dogs and marshmallows.

2. Crazy science: reveal the scientist in you

Our colleague Janie St-Onge, coordinator - e-commerce, remembers having tested a lot of scientific experiments during the pandemic to occupy her children. One of his favorite sources is the section of the The resourceful website which offers a variety of challenges for young and old.

3. Cinéparc in the car

When Catherine Jacques, from the purchasing department of Go Sport, told us about a “cineparc in the car” we didn’t really understand. It must be said that it scores high in the level of originality! He sometimes takes children and cuddly toys in the car, launches the viewing of a film while we drive to the order at the car to get a meal and then, a dessert in another restaurant.

4. Build a comforter hut

Dare the classic! Take all the paraphernalia out of the closet and use these sheets and blankets to make a gigantic cabin in the house. Isabelle Morin, from Go Sport Saint-Lin-Laurentides, pushed the adventure even further by sharing meals in the shelter and even spending the night there with her family! A free activity that will often make school holidays memorable. 

5. Organize an obstacle course

Otherwise, this same mom used to cook up all sorts of ideas for obstacle courses around the household. Burst of ideas? Use hoops (hula hoops) to jump from one to another, tie strings from one side to the other in a corridor that the children must cross, put a ladder on the ground and the children must cross a bar at a time, draw lines on the ground with a light rope or colored tape, make a trail of cushions, throw the doggie into pots, etc, etc. At best, you involve them to have their ideas completely playful!

6. Maple taffy on snow

He just had a nice white rim and a can of maple syrup was just waiting for that in the pantry? Don't wait any longer to set up your own sugar shack at the front or back of the house. Start by knowing the Ricardo's recipe while the children fill large plastic dishes with snow and find the right utensils to recover the frozen taffy. Do you have a spirit of generosity? Have each child invite a neighborhood friend. When we launch a special program around the sugar shack generally, it's not hard to convince the cocos to drop the video games! Come on, officially launch sugaring off time. 

7. Get moving with YouTube

Leave Youtube to the kids, if they're of age and ability, to find the perfect 5, 10, 15, or 20 minute exercise video to do at the same time every day. A range of sports activities are offered to stretch their muscles and above all, reduce their excitement if it comes to overflowing in the house. 

8. Lego Challenges

Your day camp schedule will inevitably require a Lego activity! Prepare as a family in a Mason jar a series of thematic words such as animals, nature, food, activity, ocean, etc. Then, take out the box of Lego blocks and in turn, everyone will pick a theme to develop. You might even be daring to present your work in front of the screen to send the video to a grandparent. An activity and a memory, that's a nice combination. 

9. Explore the parks

Go explore the snow-covered parks to find an accessible swing, outdoor games or zip line!

10. Make a snow sculpture

Preparing an outdoor slide, building a snowman or even preparing a fortress: these are activities that children regularly practice. Suggest that they get out of the winter routine and make a snow sculpture. It's not rocket science, if we follow one of these two simple videos: one of the snow sculptor Mathieu Fecteau, and the second, proposed by the snow sculpture festival, Saguenay in Snow. It's the perfect winter activity and must be tried at least once before the kids grow up! 

11. Visit new trails

Did you know that in SÉPAQ national parks, adults benefit from two free days of access per week? In addition, equipment rental (snowshoes, skis, etc.) or any other activity is completely free at all times for children 17 and under. It's worth it!

12. A thematic day: we play tricks

Are you a teaser and a prankster? Launch the madness one day during the week, where all shots are allowed! The most memorable in the family of our director of communications, Manon Rivard? Put macaroni in winter boots, swap mom and dad's socks in their drawers or fill the fridge with toilet paper rolls.

The watchword: have fun

Of course, beyond all these fun activities, there is always the possibility of borrowing a snowboard, going to learn cross-country skiing in an outdoor center near the house, exchanging socializing with other families, having a kick-sledding competition in the street, a hockey tournament in one of the city's outdoor rinks, a snowball fight, planning craft workshops or artistic creation workshops featuring star food coloring with friends, cook up a mysterious escape game in the basement with puzzles to solve, or multi-handedly create a comic strip! Whether in the middle of nature enjoying the cold season or warm in the house, there are so many enriching activities that will activate the good mood of young and old for this long vacation that is coming up. Bring out the creativity and through family activities, the important thing is that we create madness and fun. 

Would you have had lots of other activity ideas for spring break? Do not hesitate to share them with us so that our entire Go Sport community can benefit from them. Have fun!