Technologie vestimentaire Dri Fit

All about Dry-Fit technology

Brands are constantly competing in ingenuity to offer the best possible experience to athletes. Their research has led to the creation of fabrics that can manage perspiration and bad odors. We take you to discover this revolutionary technology.

What is Dri-Fit technology?

Dri-Fit technology is part of the FIT (Innovative Functional Technology) technical clothing brand. The fabrics of the range allow optimal sweat management to stay dry longer.

Although somewhat different from brand to brand, several sports equipment giants offer similar technology. This is the case with technology AEROREADY or even ofUA Tech.

Dri Fit: an initiative

The technology is at the cutting edge of textile technology. The Texture Fit revolution takes up the challenge of creating fabrics that are durable and comfortable at all times:

  • Therma-FIT retains heat
  • Clima-FIT resists rain and other elements
  • Storm-FIT repels rain, wind and snow
  • Dri-Fit dissipates sweat

What are the benefits of Dri-Fit garments?

The Dri-Fit revolution manages moisture like never before. Unlike well-known breathable garments, the technology moves perspiration to the outside. The hydrophobic fabric layer attracts and traps moisture for faster evacuation.

Dri-Fit is available in what types of garments?

There are a multitude of garments made with Dri-Fit technology. Whether you are looking for pants, a shirt, a top, stockings, a hat and more... You will find what you are looking for.

The range is designed to adapt to the requirements of each situation. Dri-Fit UV garments protect against UV rays. As for the Dri-Fit Knit models, they retain body heat to its maximum.

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Which sports are best suited for this technology?

This innovation is particularly suitable for endurance sports such as:

  • Long distance running
  • Cycling
  • Tennis
  • Golf

Hiking enthusiasts will also appreciate the comfort it provides. In summary, Dri-Fit technology is suitable for all sports that require you to fight sweat for long periods of time.

Athletes like Serena Williams or Tiger Woods use it in their practice.

What are the materials that make up Dri-Fit garments?

Dri-Fit textile is a hybrid material. It usually contains a part of polyester. Some camisoles or hoodies are even made mostly of cotton. Others contain wool to keep you warm during your winter activities.

Maintenance tips

In order to best preserve their absorbent quality, wash your clothes inside out and in cold water. The use of powder detergent is recommended. Dry them in the open air or at a low temperature. We also advise you not to twist your piece for spinning.

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