Six activités sportives à faire entre amis

Six sports activities to do with friends

Time with friends is precious. How about combining business with pleasure by offering a sports activity to your friend the next time you meet? Since Quebec is full of places to go sports with friends, we offer you six ideas you absolutely must try this summer. 

Roll on inline skates

Here's one sports activity to do that allows you to move while talking easily and which, in addition, simply requires a pair of skates!

This sports with friends is practiced in several places: think of cycle paths, but also of parks and even ice rinks (when they are no longer snow-covered, of course). Some circuits are also essential for practicing in-line skating. Here are three: 

  1. There Promenade Samuel-De Champlain in Quebec
  2. There Lachine Canal bike path
  3. The Le P'tit Train du Nord linear park in the Laurentians

Go on a hike

Hiking is probably one of the sporting activities the most popular with friends in Quebec and we understand why! The province is overflowing with mountains to climb, breathtaking landscapes and wide open spaces. 

Beginner, intermediate or expert, there are several excursions to do for all levels. Hiking with friends is also an excellent way to maintain or improve your physical shape, in addition to having time to chat.

If you are looking for a nice stimulating challenge for your next sports activities with friends, we offer you nothing less than to participate in the 5 Summits Challenge

This motivating challenge consists of reaching the top of five mountains in Quebec, at your own pace, between June 9 and October 16, 2023. Here are the five hikes to complete to complete the challenge: 

  1. The Yeti (Riverside Trail) 
  2. The dome
  3. The Palisades
  4. Cape Gribane
  5. Mont Grand-Fonds

doing yoga outdoors

This is a great opportunity to connect with nature, improve your strength, flexibility and well-being. To try this sports activity with friends, consider places like parks, rooftops, or beaches that often offer outdoor yoga classes. If you and your friend are regulars, we advise you to try this outdoor activity, at the top of your favorite mountain. 

Here is outdoor yoga equipment what you will need for your first session:

  • yoga mat
  • Comfortable sportswear
  • Sunscreen (or headgear)
  • Bottle of water

Four reasons to stay hydrated before, during and after a sports activity. 

During any sports activity, it is important to always have a sufficient quantity of water with you.

  • Regulate your body temperature
  • Maintain a good level of energy throughout the activity 
  • Prevent dehydration 
  • Recover more easily after exercise

You don't have any yet bottle of water? There are many varieties, adapted to your tastes and your sporting activities favourites. 

Relaxer en paddleboard

It's not for nothing that the paddleboard - also called paddle board or SUP (stand-up paddle) - has become more and more popular in Quebec in recent years. This sports activity is accessible to all: no need to be a lifeguard or to have a cardio professional sportsman to practice this aquatic pastime. 

This large, stable and easily maneuverable board offers you the chance to see the landscapes that surround us from a new perspective. 

Before your next paddleboard excursion in Quebec, however, be sure to be very careful. Always wear a personal flotation device (PFD) and take into account the currents and above all, the temperature of the water. If necessary, bring a dry suit.

Try mountain biking

For those who like to be in action in the heart of nature, mountain biking is for you. With more and more followers throughout Quebec, this sports activity allows cyclists of all levels to surpass themselves and overcome their fears in an often very enchanting setting. 

Don't have a mountain bike? No problem! You and your friend can probably rent one at the center nearest you.

What to do on rainy days?

Your friend is coming to visit you for the weekend and the weather is not on your side? Offer to go indoor climbing!

More and more centers are set up all over Quebec, to the delight of people looking for a sports activity safe, stimulating and fun.

On site, you will have access to walls and\or blocks to allow everyone to try to climb the summit. Most climbing centers in Quebec also offer equipment rental.