Les activités du temps des Fêtes de Go Sport

Go Sport holiday activities

Be inspired!
5 holiday activities
Do you have acute nostalgia when the holiday season arrives? Are you more creative, generous or more spontaneous? Whatever the answer, let's dive into the heart of the memories of personalities from the large network of Go Sport stores to inspire us for our holiday season activities.  

The king of the ice rink
Once upon a time, a little kid only dreamed of one thing: a thermometer showing as cold as possible below zero! “When it was very, very cold, I knew I would be alone on the neighborhood ice rink. I froze my ears until my sisters picked me up because it was time to go home. I loved that so much. Those were my favorite days." recalls Frank Cloutier, owner of the Pop Shoes and Go Sport stores in Chicoutimi and Jonquière. With his hockey stick and all the space all to himself, he thought he was none other than the great Guy Lafleur! Years later, however, "papua" dreams of a milder mercury in order to transmit the passion for skating to his granddaughter Mikaëla, 6 years old.

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Get moving (and pay it forward!)
For Donald Robitaille, Go Sport store supervisor, holiday traditions rhyme with generosity. “In winter, shoveling your driveway is a bit boring for everyone. For several years, we met a small gang of friends from the same neighborhood and we went from entrance to entrance of elderly people to make the snow disappear! », testifies the one who always has fascinating stories to tell. Between two shovels, the accomplices of mutual aid sang well-known Christmas carols on which they had changed the lyrics. Isn't it a nice balance between pleasure and generosity?

Snowshoeing and campfire
We would have been surprised if our marketing director Claudie Laroche, a beautiful sportswoman, did not have a tradition related to physical activity on her holiday calendar. When she's not on the slopes with her snowboard defying the powder, she straps on her snowshoes to hike from lake to lake with her nephew and niece. "We load logs into the sled and we go to make a fire on the edge of Lake Iris in Saint-Félix-d'Otis (municipality of Saguenay). », she describes. True to customs across the province, there are unlimited hot beverages for everyone, be it coffee or chocolate!

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Glide under the stars
For our Director of Communications, Manon Rivard, the holidays of her childhood were inevitably marked by a family gathering somewhere on a hill in her native region. "In my head, it was always late when we did this activity even though I know today that the sun sets very early in winter (laughs). We took out snow carpets, three-skis or old sledges that we put to the test of containing the most people on a single accessory! », she remembers. She also remembered a particularly epic moment when Uncle Coco had taken out the windsurfing board (yes, yes, the one for sailing in the summer!) to make a sled. "It was slipping fast like we had never slipped before!" », she says wistfully. Today, mother of two children, there is definitely an evening reserved for sliding with the little ones, friends or cousins. In the thermos for 18 and under, there is a mixture of hot chocolate and marshmallows, while in the thermos for adults, the coffee loses its full body thanks to an alcoholic liqueur… of course!

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Fun on the frozen lake
For Sophie Maillé, graphic designer, it is also a memory that revolves around the slide that comes to mind. As a little girl, her grandmother's lake became a real playground. “We would slip out of the doorway and slide down the slope in front of the house to get to the frozen lake! », she recalls as she warmed her little frozen hands with the warmth of the campfire between each descent.